Fuel Sampling

Petrolab Services carries out sampling of fuel at retail service stations country wide. Sampling and testing of fuel give the oil company assurance that fuel being dispensed by its retail sites is of good quality. By offering this service, Petrolab allows oil companies to focus on their core business which is marketing petroleum products.

Fuel Quality Audit

Petrolab Services carries out inspections on retail sites using a comprehensive fuel quality assurance checklist. The inspections check for presence, awareness, and adherence of fuel quality assurance procedures at a retail site. The audits are meant to ensure that staff at the retail site adhere to practices that result in good quality fuel being always dispensed.

Staff Training

Petrolab Services offers training to retail staff on fuel quality management. The training which targets mainly attendants is a half day course that is followed by an assessment test. Retail staff who score above 80% get a certificate of competence and those who get below 80% get a certificate of attendance.

Fuel & Oil Testing

The laboratory offers testing services for fuels, oils and effluent water. The laboratory is manned by qualified Chemists who ensure valid results are produced timeously. The laboratory is equipped with analytical instruments that meet ASTM and IP testing methods.

Advisory Services

The laboratory provides technical advisory services in cases of fuel contamination. In the event of fuel quality problems, Petrolab Services can carry out investigations, diagnosis of the problem and offer technical advice to solve the problem.